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    World Assembly Proposals


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    World Assembly Proposals

    Post by SawJacksoul on Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:43 am

    Alright so we've been starting to grow in size, which is great. But it also means we need to start implementing our system of how we wish to do things now that we're gaining nations. Something I altered in SeriousBacon's (Cinia's) place is his idea of a voting system. Everyone is free to vote on world assembly proposals however they please. However, as the delegate, I get the messages from people that requests approval of their proposals to be moved to the WA. So for our voting system, whenever I receive a request for approval of a proposal, I shall post it on here and everyone will vote on whether or not I approve it. If it goes through to the WA, you all may vote on it however you please. And like I said, great job everyone on keeping this a growing region. We're small now but give it time to grow and we can become great

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